A Good Night’s Sleep Depends on How Comfortable You Feel in Your Room & Bed

A Good Night’s Sleep Depends on How Comfortable You Feel in Your Room & Bed

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What should the temperature of your bedroom be?

On the National Sleep Foundation’s Blog, according to many experts, they say that a cool room, somewhere around 65 degrees makes for the best sleep, and research backs this notion. Did you know that your body temperature rises and falls slightly during the course of the day and this pattern is tied to your sleep cycle? So as you become sleepy, your temperature drops and reaches its lowest level around 5 a.m., then climbs a little bit as morning begins. This is why the quality of your sleep can be affected due to the air in your bedroom. If it’s too hot, this may affect your body’s natural dip and cause you to potentially be more restless during the night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, studies indicate that some forms of insomnia are associated with an improper regulation in body temperature. Everyone has a different temperature for sleep, so you can experiment with temperature by keeping your room cool and finding out what is most comfortable to you.

How does your bed affect your sleep?
How your mattress, sheets, pillows, and bed clothes feel affects the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should be supportive as well as comfortable, so that you wake up rested and ready to take on the day, not experiencing aches or stiffness. As discussed above, temperature is a huge part in whether or not you have a good night’s sleep, so your mattress, as well as the sheets you use, all deal differently with heat. There are newer fabrics on the market that are able to wick away moisture – this is especially helpful for people who sweat at night.

Making up a bed can seem like a chore especially when we’re in a hurry in the morning and know we’ll just mess them up again when we go back to bed, however, it turns out that doing this every morning may be more beneficial than you may have thought. The results of a recent Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that many people believe clean, neat and comfortable elements of the bedroom environment are important to getting a good night’s sleep. Then it’s not surprising that over 90% of people said a comfortable mattress and pillows are most important for being cozy while sleeping.

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