Adjustable Bed and Mattress Combo: Consider the Options and Create Your Oasis

Adjustable Bed and Mattress Combo: Consider the Options and Create Your Oasis

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As more and more people choose to make their bedrooms into spaces designed for complete relaxation, the adjustable bed has become a popular choice. Every oasis of relaxation needs a bed that provides comfort and support. Having an adjustable bed adds more than just a space to sleep. It provides a comfortable way for reading and watching TV. Some adjustable beds also provide gentle massage. But, how do you choose the perfect adjustable bed for your lifestyle and bedroom?


Here are a few tips:

Price: Anyone shopping for a new mattress and adjustable base combo needs to consider what budget is comfortable. Since an adjustable bed is designed for relaxation, having a bed that is over budget may create stress and potentially counter productive. Our adjustable bed frames come in a wide variety of prices to fit every budget. Prices vary based on the features the bases provide. When shopping adjustable bed bases you will find models with remote controls, massage features, and plenty of technology.

Customization: A key feature with adjustable bed bases is the scene-setting customization. There are adjustable beds that allow you to create programmable “scenes.” This means that you can set the degree of the head and foot of the base. You also get to set the lighting, since many adjustable bases have under-the-bed lights. You can also set the massaging and heat features. Then, with the push of a button, your bed will set right up for you. Then, with the push of a button, your bed can move to another customized setting.

Space: Adjustable beds are surprisingly space efficient. Many people think that adjustable beds require a large amount of space, but they do not. Most of them do not require any more space that the footprint of the bed base itself. They come with technology that allows them to stay close to the wall at the head of the bed, as the bed glides toward the wall as the head is pushed upright.

The Popular King: If you looking for a king-size mattress and adjustable base combo, you will choose from a traditional bed base or a split king. With a split king, each person on the bed will have the freedom to adjust his or her own side of the bed. This is helpful for partners who like to have their beds at different settings. 

Technology: One of the latest additions to adjustable bed bases is convenient technology. Many beds now have USB ports, remote controls, and Bluetooth capabilities. Some beds can be controlled from apps on smartphones. This technology is designed to make life easier for men and women.


Mattress: When selecting a mattress to go with your new adjustable bed base, choose either a 12" Halcyon Support Model (Miranda) or a 14" Halcyon Comfort Model. Both are made with proprietary Halcyon Micro Air Foam to provide heat neutral support that won't sag and work well with all brands of adjustable bed bases.