Could Too Much Time on Social Media be Affecting Your Sleep?

Could Too Much Time on Social Media be Affecting Your Sleep?

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Social media is great and has become the norm is society. Instead of getting a newspaper delivered, (some people still could be doing this) most of us go to the Internet to find out what’s happening. There are a lot of positives about social media; it connects you to the world 24/7, gives you live news feeds, allows you to see what your friends and family are doing, you can search for people, share stories and much more! So, could there be anything bad about social media or the time people spend on it a day? Think about at night when you’re getting into your cozy bed and you pull out you tablet to take just one last look at your email, or one more scan of the news – is this good for your sleep? What about all the times during the day that you check Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn or any other social sites. Could this be affecting your sleep as well?

Research on Social Media
As you can guess, young adults are the most avid and frequent users of social media thus, the latest research is focused on the effects of social media engagement among this demographic. Due to this research, the results indicate that social media use among young adults is linked to sleep problems. In a blog by Dr. Michael Breus titled Tweeting, not sleeping? What is your Social Media/Sleep Balance?, he discusses how researchers at the University of Pittsburgh examined social media use and sleep in a group of young adults, and found that heavier users of social media are significantly more likely to experience disturbances to their sleep.

It seems hard to shut social media off because it’s everywhere you turn. From flyers showing how to connect with a company, to billboards, celebrities, products and more! The world is inundated with using social media or are being pushed to use social media. Even after you purchase a product online it encourages you to share this purchase on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ feed. Really you can’t get away from it, so how can you try to lessen your time on social media to get a good night’s sleep?

How to Help You Sleep Better   
Here is a list of a few things from The Sleep Doctor Guide for Social Media/Sleep Balance:
• Charge your mobile devices of out of the bedroom.
• Stop social media use at least an hour before bedtime.
• Replace this time with light reading (not on an electronic device), simple stretches, meditation or deep breathing.
• Don’t check social media in the middle of the night when you may wake to use the restroom.

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