Getting a Good Night of Sleep

Getting a Good Night of Sleep

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There is a reason why getting a good night of sleep is so important: sleep is good for the body and mind. When it comes to sleep, neglecting it can do serious damage. With our 24-hour world, it is difficult to find time to get all the sleep you need. With an extremely supportive and comfortable adjustable bed and mattress, you will want to get all the sleep you can. Then, you can get the full benefits of a good night of sleep.

As you sleep, your body repairs itself. This is one of the best reasons to fall asleep each night. When you sleep, your body is busy making proteins that work hard to keep you healthy and free of infections. The proteins are at the molecular level, so they work to boost the immune system so your body can stay healthy despite exposure to pollution and bacteria.

Your body also works to reduce stress while you are sleeping. As you sleep, your cardiovascular system gets to destress and reduce inflammation. This helps the body maintain blood pressure and cholesterol to reduce the chances of strokes and heart disease. While sleep alone cannot protect the body from harmful diseases, it certain does help.

High blood pressure creates a significant amount of stress in the body. As you sleep (on your adjustable bed and mattress), the body gets to relax and calm itself. Now, more than ever before, the body needs to have time to reduce stressful hormones so the body can return to a state of homeostasis with low blood pressure. Restful nights of sleep can slow the process of aging.

Along with relaxing and calming the body, sleep actually helps with memory recall. If you have ever stayed up later than usual, you have probably experienced brain fog from being overly tired. When you sleep well, you will have been access to your memories and you will be better prepared to manage the issues that arise throughout the day. As you sleep, your brain sorts through memories and experiences so you can rest and get ready for the next day.

Another vital reason to get enough sleep each night is the fact that sleep will help you maintain a healthy weight. When you need sleep, your body will get hungry as a way to balance the hormones and other chemicals in the body. So, people who do not get enough sleep each night tend to weigh more than people who do sleep enough hours.

Along that same line, people who do not sleep enough have an increased risk for diabetes. Since people who do not sleep well are more likely to eat foods that are high in sugar and calories, their chances for developing type 2 diabetes increases. The trouble comes with the fact that people who do not sleep well have issues with glucose regulation.

Finally, people who sleep well each night are less likely to have psychological disorders that affect their moods. People who are tired are more likely to be quick to anger. When this happens too often, people who do not sleep well regularly could develop mood disorders that can be life changing. Problems like depression and anxiety often affect sleep in negative ways, too. This means that once mood disorders begin, they are likely to continue.