How to Choose The Best Memory Foam RV Mattress | GelFoamBed

How to Choose The Best Memory Foam RV Mattress | GelFoamBed

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How to Choose The Best RV Foam Mattress

Spending the night on the road can be exciting, and with the right RV foam mattress, it can be comfortable, too. Getting good rest every night helps you remain alert when you're driving and leaves you refreshed enough to appreciate the scenic vistas and historic sites you visit along the way.

Whether you're looking for a king size RV mattress to outfit your deluxe camper or a bed-in-a-box twin gel memory foam mattress for your child's RV bunk, there are plenty of options to suit every traveler's personal preferences. These flexible, lightweight mattresses make it easy to create a cozy sleeping sanctuary in your home on wheels.

Why Choose a Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress?

One of the big decisions when choosing an RV mattress is whether to go with a standard spring or gel memory foam bed. When it comes to comfort, an RV foam mattress offers full-body support that ensures good sleep night after night. Standard mattresses use metal spring coils, which don't adapt to your body in the way memory foam can. While standard coil mattresses are known for their efficient airflow, modern gel foam mattresses for an RV have microscopic air pockets and responsive Halcyon foam that help keep you cool during sleep.

Some people opt for foam toppers to add to an existing RV mattress, but these provide less support and can be unwieldy or bunch up to form uncomfortable bulges while you sleep. Air mattresses might be convenient for occasional use but could leave you without anything to sleep on if a leak develops while you're at a less accessible campground.

RV memory foam mattresses tend to be lighter than standard innerspring mattresses, which can be a consideration when you're counting up the available weight load in your camper. A lightweight memory foam mattress is also easier to lift when you're changing the sheets in a tight sleeping cabin of your RV. Some RVs also have under-bed storage, so a lightweight memory foam mattress makes access more convenient.

As you travel across the country, your mattress gets exposed to temperature variations and environmental conditions more than a classic in-home mattress, so you need an option that withstands anything you might encounter. Mattresses with metal springs might develop rust in damp conditions, while gel memory foam holds up well to a wide range of conditions. The dense foam resists dust mites and other allergens, creating a healthier sleeping experience.

Picking the Right-Size Mattress for Your RV

RV mattresses come in a range of sizes so you can fit the frame that comes with your recreational vehicle. The sizes don't correspond exactly to standard mattress sizes, since an RV typically has a more compact profile than the average bedroom. Installing a standard mattress in an RV can leave you with a mattress that hangs off the edge of the platform or extends into the walking spaces around the edge of the bed.

Sleepers sharing a bed or who like to spread out might need an RV king mattress. Taller individuals might also appreciate the extra length of a king size mattress for an RV.

An RV queen mattress, typically called a short queen, provides many of the same benefits but can fit into a slightly tighter space. An RV short queen mattress is a few inches shorter than a standard queen RV mattress to fit into the camper mattress base and give you more room around the bottom edge for better maneuvering around your interior RV space. The full size RV mattress provides the same length as a king bed but with a slimmer width. Solo sleepers might opt for a twin or three-quarter RV mattress.

The standard RV mattress sizes are:

  • RV Twin Mattress: 34 inches by 74 inches (34x74)
  • RV Three Quarter Mattress: 48 inches by 75 inches (48x75)
  • RV Queen Mattress (short queen): 60 inches by 75 inches (60x75)
  • RV Full Size Mattress: 54 inches by 80 inches (54x80)
  • RV King Mattress: 72 inches by 80 inches (72x80)

Both plush and firm mattresses for RVs are available in these sizes. You can also find sheet sets and bedding made specifically to fit RV mattress sizes, making it simple to customize the look and feel of your travel bed.

Memory Foam RV Mattress Options

RV living involves long stretches on the road, so you need a mattress that fits your needs every night. The firmness of your mattress is a matter of personal preference. Many side sleepers prefer a softer feel, while back sleepers might want the support of a medium-firm RV mattress.

If you prefer a soft, plush feel, the Venus Comfort Plush RV mattress delivers. This 14-inch mattress features six layers that provide sturdy support at the base and soft, body-cradling comfort on the top. The gel foam quilted cover and pressure-sensitive Halcyon foam help regulate your temperature throughout the night and respond to your body weight and motion to prevent pressure buildup at specific points.

For firm support, consider the Miranda Medium Firm RV mattress. This 12-inch RV mattress option supports your spine during sleep while remaining responsive to turns and movements you make through the night. The quilted top layer turns this reliably supportive sleeping option into a luxurious experience. Eco-Flex foam provides stability and distributes your weight evenly across the mattress.

When to Replace an RV Memory Foam Mattress

If your existing RV mattress has begun to sag, it might be time to consider an RV mattress replacement. Memory foam that has broken down has a tougher time bouncing back to its original shape once you remove pressure from the surface, so you might notice indentations remaining longer than usual. Deep indentations that drop down two inches or more indicate a need for a replacement RV mattress. Lumps where the foam has bunched up under the surface are another sign that it is time for a replacement.

You might also notice uncomfortable heat buildup from some mattresses as they age. A gel memory foam bed is a temperature-neutral option that keeps you cool in any temperature, which is important when you're traveling in places as varied as cold winter climates and hot, humid areas.

Many RVs come with a bare-bones mattress that isn't particularly comfortable. If your new RV doesn't provide you with a comfortable sleeping option, consider upgrading right away to an RV foam mattress that provides the desired level of support and flexibility.

Memory foam mattresses last a long time, so you can rely on your purchase to give you years of enjoyable use. These mattresses tend to have a longer usable life than a traditional innerspring mattress, so you get more years of use from memory foam. You can turn the mattress around 180 degrees occasionally to extend its life, but with memory foam, there is no need to flip the mattress over as you would a standard spring mattress.

The Durability of Memory Foam

Durability is another major reason to choose a memory foam mattress for RV use. These mattresses are designed for long-term use, so you can feel confident with your choice whether you spend all year traveling in your RV or take weekend jaunts throughout the summer months. Durability is especially important if you live in your RV full time because your bed becomes a seat and lounging space in addition to a sleep surface. You might sit on the mattress to watch TV or spread out cards on the surface to play a game with your family. RV life means that you might bump up against the mattress or plop down atop it more often than you would a bed in a traditional home. Memory foam's ability to bounce back into shape makes it ideal for a full-time RV lifestyle.

Memory foam also tends to be quiet, so your bed remains silent when someone gets up in the middle of the night or sits down on the bed to read. Motion isolation helps ensure that couples sleeping on a memory foam RV mattress aren't disturbed by the other partner's tossing and turning. This lack of motion transfer also helps when one person is sleeping while someone else drives. Memory foam softens those natural jolts and jostles of the road, letting you continue your nap in peace while your companion takes the wheel.

Picking the Best RV Mattress

When you're searching for the best RV mattress, there are a lot of things to consider. Opting for a gel memory foam bed-in-a-box simplifies the process because you can easily bring it into your RV and unroll the bed in place. All memory foam RV mattresses offered by are made in the USA for your peace of mind. A 10-year warranty comes with every mattress as well.

Having a bed on the road gives you the confidence to adventure to new places knowing you have a comfortable place to rest your head when night falls. The best RV mattresses offer a welcoming retreat and help you create a space where you can relax during the day and sleep soundly at night. Choosing a gel memory foam RV mattress optimizes your comfort so you wake up refreshed and ready to explore a new location.