Preparing for your Holiday Guests

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Holidays can be stressful, no doubt.  Whether it's the money you need to spend, the activities you need (and want) to participate in, the holidays can be overwhelming.  If you add to this stress people staying in your home, the holidays can become a nightmare.


But there are things you can do to prepare for guests in your home and lower your holiday frazzle.  We've put together a list of ten things to do and things to think about as you’re planning on visits from your friends or relatives.   


  1. Clean your house. Guests expect a tidy and organized home where they can relax and enjoy themselves.  Nothing sends negative signals to guests like a messy home.  Begin by de-cluttering, and taking to Goodwill or the Salvation Army things you don't want or need.  The holiday season is a great time to help someone in need, and your unwanted items can be a real boon to a person who can't otherwise afford to have a happy holiday season.


  1. Check out thrift stores for holiday decorations. While you're dropping off your unwanted goods, check out thrift stores for holiday-themed decorative items for your guest bedroom.  A warm and inviting guest room will help your overnight guests to relax and enjoy the holidays with you.


  1. Do the little things that make a big impression. There's a reason that luxury and five-star hotels get great reviews besides the amenities.  Luxury accommodations excel at the little things: chocolate candy on a pillow, gracefully folded towels and washcloths, and fresh flowers in an attractive vase.  You may not have the budget of a five-star hotel, but you can add a few small touches that will help your guests feel more comfortable.  Put a poinsettia in your guest room instead of flowers, put a candy cane on the pillows, and put a relaxing holiday-themed book or magazine on the nightstand.  While you're at it, make sure your guest room smells pleasant and relaxing (lavender is an excellent option for a relaxing scent).


4,  If baking is your thing, bake well ahead of your guests' arrival and freeze your treats.  When your guests arrive, you may not want to be stuck in your kitchen preparing holiday goodies.  Cleaning up after a marathon baking session can be a nightmare, and your guests may feel obligated to help you cook and/or clean.  Of course, if baking with your guests is part of your holiday traditions, go for it, and enjoy the experience. 


  1. Empty closet space for your overnight guests' clothing. If your guest room closets are full of seasonal clothing that you take out a few times a year, relocate your items to your bedroom closet or dresser to allow your guests to hang their clothes and feel like they're less in a hotel and more in a warm and inviting home.


  1. A few days before your guests arrive, make an inventory of bathroom items. Be sure you have enough clean towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other essential items your guests may not have brought with them.  Making a trip to the grocery store to get things that your guests may have forgotten can be awkward, especially when they may feel obligated to pay for the items.  The holiday season is the time to be generous, so don't pinch pennies, and show your guests how important they are to you.


  1. Prepare for pets. If your guests are traveling with their pets, be prepared to accommodate their pets' needs.  While many pet owners travel with their own supply of pet food, many don't, and you may have to make a last-minute run to the pet supply or grocery store to get food for their animal companion.


  1. Keep it down. The holidays can be an exhausting and overwhelming time of year, and your guests will need peace and quiet to rest and relax.  If you have children, or if children are arriving as houseguests, make a few simple rules that the children can keep, including quiet hours and a set bedtime.


  1. Relax. With the holidays upon us, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you feel should get done.  Rather than try to do too much, limit the activities you plan with your houseguests, and choose things to do that bring the spirit of the season into your home.


  1. Get enough rest. If you're not sleeping well, the holidays can be a disaster, especially with houseguests.  Take enough time to rest and rejuvenate and enjoy this time of year.   The best place to relax is in a Halcyon GelFoamBed.  Buy yourself a present this year - a new Halcyon GelFoamBed.  It's the perfect Christmas gift that you'll enjoy every day for many years to some.


Happy Holidays from GelFoamBed!