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Gel Memory Foam Beds Made in the USA

Have you ever struggled to get a good night's sleep? The feeling of tossing and turning all night, waking up restlessly in the wee hours of the morning and dreading the start of another day can be draining. Searching for the source of your misery may lead you to one obvious culprit: your mattress.

Maybe your mattress is old, maybe it's been damaged through use, or maybe you're just not sleeping as well as you'd like. Even if your sleep has been restful enough, you may have health problems or a different sleeping style than your partner and are looking for a new bed to ease chronic pain or better suit your needs as a couple. You might even be a parent buying your toddler's first real twin or full bed.

No matter why you're searching for a new bed, the plethora of options can make a seemingly simple decision seem impossible. Encased coil, innerspring and pillow-top mattresses are all common choices, given how long they've been on the market. Since many people still sleep restlessly on these mattress types, though, more comfortable alternatives are becoming more sought after. For example, gel memory foam mattresses made in the USA offer the temperature regulation and support that many people dream of.

Benefits of a Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam mattresses are either made up of a memory foam infused with gel or contain a gel pad as a part of the mattress' makeup. This makeup was first popularized in the early 2010s and offers comfort and temperature regulation.

The gel in gel foam mattresses helps to keep the mattress cool since it absorbs heat more slowly than pure foam. If you're a hot sleeper or get hot flashes throughout the night, the gel's slower absorption of heat can help you sleep more peacefully.

The memory foam portion of gel memory foam mattresses can help people ease into the rejuvenating stages of sleep. Initial memory foam designs often enveloped sleepers, but newer styles have the support and soothing quality that helps the body relax without sinking into the mattress. The ability to choose between firm, medium and soft memory foam mattresses can help consumers make the right choice. Foam mattresses are often the choice of sleepers with back pain because they can contour to the shape of the body.

Gel memory foam beds made in the USA have the quality assurance that only products manufactured in the USA can have. Consumers can sleep soundly knowing that their mattress is made with durability and care.

Types of Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Made in the USA

Gel memory foam mattresses made in the USA can come in multiple sizes. Twin and twin-XL beds are typically used for kids' rooms, but they can also serve as a spare bed. Full, queen and king gel memory foam beds are also available through GelFoamBed. If you're a little taller than average and sleeping alone, the narrower but longer California king gel memory foam bed may be a better choice than the regular king.

If you're going on a short road trip or headed cross-country, sleeping accommodations will be an important part of your vacation. An RV is a great way to make that trip, but the right mattress is a crucial part of having enough rest while on the road. Gel memory foam RV mattresses can help you get a good night's sleep and be refreshed and ready to start the next day.

Exclusive GelFoamBed Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

GelFoamBed's gel memory foam mattresses are technologically advanced and heat neutral. For example, the Miranda mattress is made up of eco-friendly layers that can support your pressure points during sleep. At the same time, the flexible nature of gel memory foam mattresses made in the USA gives you a soothing cushion after a long day due to having millions of air capsules throughout the mattress' layers. The Venus mattress also contains gel memory foam and is much plusher than the Miranda mattress. Thanks to its six layers, the cushion is just soft enough to soothe aches but not so soft that you sink into the mattress. A free 365-night trial and 10-year warranty guarantee everyone will find the perfect mattress for their sleeping style. Materials are nontoxic and environmentally friendly, so families don't have to worry about what they or their children are sleeping on.

Mattresses can be either a thorn in your side or a god-sent gift, depending on which type you purchase. Spring mattresses often give people pain and cause restlessness at night. On the other hand, modern styles such as gel memory foam mattresses made in the USA allow sleepers to have comfort and temperature control without sacrificing their personal preferences. Whether you'd like a soft, plushy bed or something more firm for your joints, GelFoamBed can help you find the perfect mattress for your needs. With both a lengthy free trial and a warranty, there's a reason why reviewers describe our beds as "perfect" and the "best mattress ever made." To learn more about what we offer and our guarantees, contact us or peruse our site and inventory of premium mattresses for sale.

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Customer Reviews

Gelfoambed emails you personally to keep you updated on your shipping status. They also answer any questions promptly. Very friendly customer service. I would purchase from them again

- Alison Mitchell

This is the most expensive purchase I have ever made online and I am SO satisfied with the purchase! Came on time and went together with ease. An in-store purchase would have cost double what I paid. The motor is quiet and the mattress is very comfortable. Great buy!!

- Sue

We've only had our bed a week but so far we love it! I was told by a local company to get a bed with the options we wanted I was looking at around six to seven thousand dollars. We have friends that bought queen size adjustable beds with out the options we have on our split king and paid more than we paid for ours. Haven't slept so well in a long time.

- Robert Eugene M

Best purchase we've every made. Great sleep. And a much better price than the 10,000 price tag the big Mattress Store had.

- J.S

We replaced an older memory foam mattress with this mattress and we love it! Great comfortable mattress.

- Anonymous