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Gel Tech Venus Halcyon - Comfort Mattress

365 Night Free Trial

365-Night Free Trial

Sleep on your new mattress for 365 nights and discover its comforting support.

10-Year Warranty

Our mattresses come with a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.


The Venus 14" Halcyon Comfort Mattress provides plush and comfortable sleep with a 6 layer construction. 

Halcyon foam, gel memory foam, soft foam, medium foam, firm foam and an Eco Flex core. At we take pride in offering a variety of mattresses with the ultimate in comfort, design, and support. Our Venus Plush model is loaded with everything you need to sleep soundly every single night.

Halcyon Foam is heat neutral, pressure sensitive and more supportive than memory foam.

Less Temperature Sensitive

Immediate response of comfort for consumers at virtually any temperature.

Halcyon foam provides an improvement in motion dampening compared to conventional foam, but it provides more response than memory foam.

Extremely Durable

Offers exceptional durability, which rivals that of high end viscoelastic foam, despite being up to 40% lower in product density

Offers Exceptional Pressure Relief

Provides a unique combination of support and pressure relief 

1. Cover
1.5" Gel Infused Memory foam quilted into the cover (extra cooling and support)
2. Halcyon Foam
3.5" Halcyon Foam (Halcyon Foam is more supportive than any other foam on the market today and is a pressure sensitive foam)
3. Medium Eco Flex Layers
1.5" Eco Flex layer for additional support
4. Firm Eco Flex Layers
1.0" Eco Flex layer to improve stability and weight distribution
5. Soft Eco Flex Layers
1.0" Eco Flex layer to assist in load dampening
6. Eco Flex Support Core
5.5" high density Eco Flex support core

This 14" thick mattress is loaded with everything that anyone needs in a comfortable and supportive sleep system. It has a perfect mix of comfort and support to make each night of sleep refreshing and rejuvenating.

The Eco Flex layers are made out of environmentally friendly materials so you can rest assured that you are not breathing in unwanted chemicals. Along with being made of environmentally friendly materials, the mattress provides more durability so the comfort and support outlasts mattresses made by other manufacturers. Even the Eco Loft Fire Barrier is environmentally safe; it is made without any boron or other unwanted chemicals.

The Venus Single Side Gel Memory mattress is proudly made in the USA, just like all of our other mattresses. It also comes with a 10-year non prorated warrantly proving that we stand behind our products.

At we pride ourselves on only selling mattresses that are made in the USA. If you have questions about the Miranda Gel Mattress or any of our other comfortable and supportive mattresses, please contact us via our contact form.

Halcyon mattresses are now available in RV sizes!

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