Miranda RV Mattress Review Miranda RV Mattress Review

Thank you so much for your honest review of the Miranda RV Mattress.

"Sleep is so important for good health. We know this! But replacing our 10-year old RV mattress was not something Jim and I looked forward to doing. Our last RV mattress replacement experience was an RV mattress mildew disaster that took months to resolve. Reliving that process was not something we wanted to do, until Sound Sleep Products got in touch with us. They are so excited (and confident!) about their new cool Gel Foam Bed Mattresses for RVs, that we were asked to review a mattress in exchange for product and an honest review."

"Seven years ago, was the last time we researched the best RV mattresses. This time out, we discovered that things have improved. For instance, makes each RV mattress to order in Washington state. This means that no one gets a mattress that sat in a warehouse for months!" Miranda RV Full Review

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