Our Story
From the Founder

My father introduced me to the mattress industry when I was a young child. He sold automated equipment and created patents on equipment that reduced the cost of manufacturing a mattress. Learning from my father and his work as I grew up led me to develop a better foam for mattresses and create gelfoambed as an adult.

Early on when traditional memory foam beds first appeared on the market, my father was involved in developing the equipment to manufacture them. Before beds could be sold, shipping problems had to be resolved so he worked to develop a machine that roll packed the foam mattresses. Another unresolved issue with traditional memory foam was sleep temperature. The normal body temperature for a human is 98.6 degrees, so when you lay in a traditional memory foam bed, the body heats the foam up to 98.6 degrees and it radiates back which causes you to sweat during the night. To address the primary issue of sleep temperature, I helped to develop an exclusive new foam that provides heat neutral support.

The result? Halcyon Micro Air foam is superior to traditional memory foam. 

Our Mission

GelFoamBed.com was founded to bring you luxury mattresses at affordable prices. Our company is committed to producing a superior product Made in USA. We provide a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed that our mattresses will provide heat neutral support and allow you a perfect night’s sleep.

The Halcyon Micro Air foam used in our gel foam bed mattresses allows you to stay cool while you sleep and also cradles your body without any pressure points.

When you sleep on a mattress with springs or pocket coils, pressure points are caused which can result in discomfort while you sleep.

The solution? When you sleep on our Miranda or Venus mattresses, your body is cradled in comfort.

What Customers Are Saying

Ethal Johnson, June 28, 2018
“I've slept on my Miranda for two months now. Every night I have an amazing night's rest! I sleep on my back and wake up in the same position in the morning; no tossing and turning.”

John Reichart, June 27, 2018
“This is the most comfortable bed we've ever slept on. We've had it 5 months now and absolutely LOVE it! It is a perfect blend of firm and soft. Perfect for back and side sleeping. Every night we look forward to going to bed and getting a wonderful night of sleep. I did a lot of research and for the money, you will not find a better bed.”

Bonnie Kirkwood, August 14, 2018
“We bought cal king and it is the most comfortable mattress we ever bought. we have paid high dollar and this one beats them all."


Halcyon Micro Air Foam
Gelfoambed's Halcyon Micro Air foam is revolutionizing comfort. This exclusive foam releases body heat so you sleep at a more comfortable temperature throughout the night, and you stay cool and dry. Halcyon foam is durable and will give the deep sleep you need, night after night.

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Free Trial
Twin, Full, Queen and King mattresses qualify for our 365 nights free mattress trial, because we are confident you will love your new mattress. Try out your mattress for 90 nights, and if you still aren’t comfortable, you can return it. If you are unhappy after your trial, we will pick your mattress up and donate it to someone in need.

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Shipping on all mattresses is free via UPS Ground service. All of our mattresses our made to order, so that we can suit your individual needs and provide you a good night of sleep. Gelfoambed ships mattresses to addresses in the contiguous 48 states.

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Made Better, Priced Lower

Goodbye Traditional Memory Foam, Hello Heat Neutral Support!