Halcyon Foam

1. Cover

1.5" Gel-infused memory foam quilted into the cover provides extra cooling and support

2. Halcyon Foam

3.0" Halcyon Foam (Our Halcyon Foam is far more supportive than any other foam on the market today and is a pressure sensitive foam so you remain comfortable all night long.)

CertiPUR-USWe believe that all mattresses should be healthy. All of our highly-durable mattresses are 100% safe, nontoxic, and certified through the CertiPUR-US® program.

3. Eco Flex Layer

2.0" Eco Flex layer made up of 1.0" soft foam and 1.0" medium foam

4. Support Core

5.5” high density Eco Flex support core

Halcyon Foam is Revolutionizing the Next Generation in Comfort!

Technology now moves faster than ever. That means memory foam, first introduced in 1966, is simply obsolete. Halcyon Micro-Air Foam is 21st century technology and provides a range of new benefits that will enhance your sleep and quality of life.


Why Halcyon Micro-Air Foam Is Today’s Superior Bedding Choice

Our Supportive Air Technology comfortably increases your level of support while relieving pressure on your hips and back, meaning less tossing and turning and a better night’s sleep. This mattress also dramatically reduces motion transfer so you and your partner can sleep disruption-free.

Halcyon Foam Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules
  • Exceptionally supportive thus reducing pressure on critical areas of the body
  • A new level of support and pressure relief
  • Incredibly durable rivaling high-end viscoelastic foam despite being up to 40% lower in product density
  • Less temperature sensitivity to keep you comfortable in virtually any temperature
  • More responsive than memory foam
  • America- made using safe, non-toxic materials

For the ultimate in self-adjusting support and comfort, Halcyon Foam is enhanced with billions of Supportive Air Technology cells. 

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Halcyon Foam Features

Exclusive supportive air technology
Halcyon foam is enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules which act to enhance the support properties while reducing pressure on critical areas of the body in bedding applications. This additional force means more support for a consumer. The inverse of this phenomena also gives the material “memory”

Offers Exceptional Pressure Relief
Provides a unique combination of support and pressure relief

Extremely Durable
Offers exceptional durability, which rivals that of high end viscoelastic foam, despite being up to 40% lower in product density

Less Temperature Sensitive
Immediate response of comfort for consumers at virtually any temperature. Halcyon foam provides an improvement in motion dampening compared to conventional foam, but it provides more response than memory foam.

The unique collection of attributes make for a superior product.
The cells are such that air is more readily trapped requiring more force to release the air.

Halcyon foam is enhanced with billions of Supportive Air Technology cells, for the ultimate in self-adjusting support and comfort. More info and a video are available at the American Sleep Association website.

Since we spend one third of our day sleeping, why not choose a mattress to give you the ultimate in comfort and quality.

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