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Better Homes & Gardens January 2017

"The online mattress business is growing faster than decompressing memory foam. Online shopping makes it easy to find one of these affordable, comfortable (81 percent customer satisfaction vs 63 percent for inner spring), and compressible beds. Mattresses compress into a truck-size box, making them easy to move and maneuver (not so much unpacked). Our top Queen Size Pick was 12-inch Miranda GelFoamBed. $649."

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What makes serene foam so comfortable is the new supportive air technology that increases the level of support without compromising comfort. Think less pressure and more comfort. And what I also LOVE is that serene is not temperature sensitive. It releases body heat keeping your mattress cool and dry.

Addisons Wonderland

After settling into the cushy foam of our new mattress side by side, John and I both let out deep sighs of relief that we probably had been holding for 3-4 years. Who knew that a new mattress could make such a big difference? We’re firm believers now.

Dream Green DIY

"You could also think about changing the kind of bedding you’re sleeping on. If you have an old memory foam mattress to go to sleep on every night, maybe you should try getting a GelFoamBed instead? It might be much suited to your tastes, and it’s definitely much cooler to sleep on during the warm, unbearable nights!"

The Painted Drawer