Halcyon Foam: Exclusive Supportive Air Technology

Halcyon foam is enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules which act to 
enhance the support properties while reducing pressure on critical areas of the 
body in bedding applications.

The unique collection of attributes make for a superior product.The cells are such that air is more readily trapped requiring more force to release the air.

This additional force means more support for a consumer. The inverse of this phenomena also gives the material “memory”

Less Temperature Sensitive
Immediate response of comfort for consumers at virtually any 

Halcyon foam provides an improvement in motion dampening compared to 
conventional foam, but it provides more response than memory foam. 

Extremely Durable
Offers exceptional durability, which rivals that of high end 
viscoelastic foam, despite being up to 40% lower in product density

Offers Exceptional Pressure Relief
Provides a unique combination of support and pressure relief

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