Collection: Halcyon Gelfoam RV Mattresses

The Halcyon Foam Difference

Our gel foam beds are designed with Halcyon foam, making them one of the best bed in a box mattresses. Halcyon technology takes traditional memory foam to new levels, interspersing gel particles throughout the foam.

These microscopic capsules create a supportive air system that's designed to help you enjoy comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

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What Sets us Apart

Made in the USA

All Of Our Mattresses Are Made In The USA.

Halcyon Foam

This Technology Is Designed To
Provide Exceptional Comfort And
Long-Lasting Durability.

Certified Non-Toxic

All Of Our Mattresses Are Certified
Through The Certipur-US® Program.

365 Night Trial

Sleep On Your New Mattress For 365 Nights. You’ll Discover Its Unique Level Of Comfort And Support.