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Gel Tech Venus Halcyon - Comfort Plush RV Mattress

365 Night Free Trial

Environmentally Friendly

All of our mattresses are certified through the CertiPUR-US® program

10-Year Warranty

Our mattresses come with a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.


The Venus 14" Halcyon Comfort Mattress provides plush and comfortable sleep with its 6-layer construction.

The 6-layers of the Venus 14” Halcyon Comfort Mattress provide an incredible level of comfort and support. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Venus Halcyon Comfort Mattress that we provide a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.

Our Venus Plush model utilizes advanced technologically and is heat neutral and pressure-sensitive. The supportive Halcyon Foam provides you with a sleep experience that is far superior to old-fashioned memory foam.

1. Cover
1.5" Gel-infused memory foam quilted into the cover (extra cooling and support)
2. Halcyon Foam
3.5" Halcyon Foam (Halcyon Foam is a pressure sensitive foam and is more supportive than any other foam on the market today.)
3. Medium Eco Flex Layers
1.5" Eco Flex layer for additional support
4. Firm Eco Flex Layers
1.0" Eco Flex layer to improve stability and weight distribution
5. Soft Eco Flex Layers
1.0" Eco Flex layer to assist in load dampening
6. Eco Flex Support Core
5.5" high density Eco Flex support core

Dramatically Reduced Temperature Sensitivity

Our Venus 14” Halcyon Comfort Mattress provides instant comfort at virtually any temperature level. Unlike memory foam, first introduced in 1966, the technologically-advanced Halcyon Foam offers a tremendous reduction in temperature sensitivity. This means you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Venus 14” Halcyon Comfort Mattresses feature advanced technology and design, providing dramatically improved motion dampening when compared to conventional foam. Yet, the Venus 14” Halcyon Comfort Mattress provides greater response than memory foam.

Exceptional Durability

We are committed to providing you with the best mattress option on the market. A comfortable mattress should also be a durable one. The 6-layer construction of the Venus 14” Halcyon Comfort Mattress ensures years of reliable and comfortable service.

Halcyon Foam Venus Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules
  • Exceptionally supportive thus reducing pressure on critical areas of the body
  • A new level of support and pressure relief
  • Incredibly durable rivaling high-end viscoelastic foam despite being up to 40% lower in product density
  • Less temperature sensitivity to keep you comfortable in virtually any temperature
  • More responsive than memory foam
  • American-made using safe, non-toxic materials

For the ultimate in self-adjusting support and comfort, Halcyon Foam is enhanced with billions of Supportive Air Technology cells. More info and a video are available at the American Sleep Association website.

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Please note: RV sizes do not qualify for the Free 365 night mattress trial.

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